Sunday, December 20, 2009

in progress

it takes a long time to get a room the way you want it. and I have a feeling that once most of us get that room the way we want it, at that point, there are new things we want to change. a great example is the rug we bought for the living room last year. I now hate it and want it to burn in hell. here's the rub: it wasn't cheap but we bought it before we had a clear vision for the living room. so we feel like a-holes getting rid of it. sigh, thank you universe for craigslist.

anyway. our bedroom and living room are our current "project" rooms (that is a lie, every room is a project room in my eye). and we still have so much to do. but. we got our complete bedding (sheets took months to get here) from dwell studio about two weeks ago, and as you know, we bought a couch for the living room. it looks superb next to the peacock blue (galapagos turquoise) bookcase.

I took some crude photos yesterday to show you how it is all shaping up.
we still need to paint the living room and work on the artwork. we also need to figure out a headboard or artwork situation for above our beds. I am liking the idea of this, maybe with one of our wedding photos? (not any of the smoochy, barfy, love ones but one of the more artistic, scenic shots)


  1. Love the couch! And you're right, the pictures above the couch needs a little tweaking. Maybe some junk store art too. Who suggested the peacock bookcase? It's beautiful. :) The bedroom looks great! There are so many good pix from the wedding to choose from.

  2. The photos on the wall in the first photo feel like they should be reversed bottom top. The site line should be a smooth broken line. Spoken from a yearbook editor :) The white space should flow around not be pushed through.

  3. the artwork is a mess, we threw it up days before my family came to stay with us pre-wedding. we were frantically trying to make our just moved in house a home. we want to use family photos but need to change the frames - absolutely. and the layout. and so many other things. sigh. work in progress.

  4. Please don't take it personally :) I love this blog. And, my photos are in frames...on the floor, not even hung up. And I am not a newly wed. Just a stressed out teacher/grad student.

    What I want now are fluid frames...just like one screen that I can program to look awesome in multiple frames or one large pic.

  5. ha, not at all taking it personally, I love the feedback. any ideas on where to find great frames, maybe more ornate?